Stock agents from Alex Scott & Staff marking cattle at the first sale for the New Year on Wednesday, January 4. ms060217

THE first fat cattle sale for 2017 saw prices rise by 10c at the Koonwarra saleyards.
Approximately 640 trade and export steers, and 350 young cattle were penned for sale on Wednesday, January 4, with the usual group of buyers present.
“Prices are up a little from before Christmas,” Elders stock agent, Rohan McRae said.
“Black Angus steers are going for 325 to 328c/kg, and the best Herefords were around 310 to 322. Prices are good, and a little higher than they were before Christmas.”
Overall, quality of stock was good, with a limited selection of grown steers and bullocks, and a larger run of vealers carrying plenty of weight and condition in the first hot weeks of the year.
A small quantity of sheep were also up for sale, with good prices seeing the market holding steady.
Cattle on sale were mostly dairy-bred with very few finished beef cows on offer and prices were generally firm to a few cents dearer.
Heavy weight beef bulls sold firm while the dairy lots gained 10c to the kilo.
The more heavy weight vealers on the day averaged out a little easier with weight having been an issue, while the yearling portion of the trade ran a solid 15 cents a kilo dearer.
Grown steers and bullocks sold 5 to 15c/kg dearer.
Heavy weight vealers suited to butchers sold from 317 to 350c/kg.
Yearling trade steers made between 310 and 340c/kg, with yearling heifers sold between 290 and 324c/kg.
Grown steers made from 305 to 326c/kg and bullocks sold from 302 to 320c/kg.
Heavy weight crossbred manufacturing steers made between 268 and 311c/kg.
Most light and medium weight cows sold between 190 and 238c/kg, while heavy weight cows made mostly from 217 to 267c/kg after a top of 277.
Heavy weight bulls sold from 250 to 286c/kg.
Sale draw from Wednesday, January 11 from 1pm.
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