A kite surfer enjoys the windy conditions at Sandy Point last weekend. M250117

THANKFULLY, not every distress call ends up in disaster.
And that was the happy circumstance at Sandy Point last Monday, January 2, when the Waratah Bay Surf Lifesaving Club’s RHIB rescue boat was called into action.
According to the boat’s skipper, Chris Hargreaves, the crew of the rigid-hull-inflatible-boat (RHIB) were out on Shallow Inlet training bar crossings when they received a report that a kite had blown across to the Yanakie side of the inlet.
“We responded and went across to find a bloke in a tinny, towing the kite back to the Sandy Point side, so we helped him bringing the kite to the shore.
“These things are quite valuable so when no one came forward to claim it we thought we might have a problem – a kite but with no one at the end of it.
“We called it in to LSV (Lifesaving Victoria) as we are supposed to do and then did a sweep of the inlet. The Westpac helicopter was down at Inverloch anyway, so they sent it up for a look as well.
“But thankfully it all ended up well and everyone went home safely.”
What happened was more the result of embarrassment than distress.
According to Chris, the kite had gotten away from the kite-surfer while he was preparing to launch, and blown clear across the inlet. But as the rescue effort escalated, he was a bit embarrassed about coming forward to claim his kite.
“Look, we’re only too happy to help out when those things occur.
“Best case, everyone went home safe and our training exercise had an edge to it that we hadn’t expected. No harm done.”