A big line-up of Fergy tractors held interest for many Wonthaggi Show goers recently. M460317

AS JOHN Harris of Dumbalk explains it, the 1954-56 self-powered Massey-Ferguson hay baler was so heavy and so powerful, that it used to push the unsuspecting tractor driver, towing the fandangled contraption, fair through the fence if he didn’t watch out.
The old baler was just one of the things on display at the historic farm machinery display at the Wonthaggi Show last Saturday.
And the enthusiasts weren’t about to let a let rain and wind deter them.
A feature of the display was a good selection of old grey Fergies and red Fergies, complete with some of the implements they towed.
And John Harris was more than happy to fire up the old baler.
Without priming or adjustment it went first time but with grass pick-up and bale packers going ten to the dozen, you didn’t really want to get anywhere near it.
No wonder there were accidents back in the day.
“It still goes, no worries, but you’ve got to be careful on the hills and when you’re turning near a fence,” said John.
The surging action of the powerful baler is likely to force you into, or through the fence, according to John.
It was just one of many things to see and chat about at an interesting and varied show.