It has been such a long time since Bass Coast residents have been able to read an Aquasure Update.
In case the publicity department is feeling a bit lacking in inspiration after the holidays, I thought I would provide a few topics for discussion:
1. Maintenance of power supply cables. Our struggling farmers must be grateful for the financial support and supply of new tracks across their sodden paddocks, whilst the world’s best practice cable is being maintained (read – trying to work out why it keeps exploding).
2. The hyper-realistic team-bonding exercises undertaken between desal staff and our local emergency and medical services. Apparently they are so realistic that volunteers have been doused with chemicals which may or may not be Fluorine, and sent off for the expert care of our paramedics and doctors. Perhaps next time the surrounding residents could be included in the fun – an even more realistic simulation of the unthinkable/unlikely toxic chemical spill incident.
3. The development of a new marine eco-reserve at Lyndhurst, where 40 tonnes per day of assorted marine life will be released into an urban environment. The greenhouse gases produced by their rotting corpses could then be used to power the plant – win-win, and there should be some sort of award available for such caring concern for our local wildlife.
4. An interview with our mythical Bass coast whales, finding out how they will cope with noisy neighbours. Will they simply go somewhere else, as has been suggested by the cetacean experts, and has anyone told the tourist operators?
5. Why $27 million (+ billions more) is better invested in topping up our bulging reservoirs in a state which is recovering from record winter drenchings. Better, I suppose than wasting it on frivolities such as schools, emergency departments or rates.
Come on Mr Aquasure, reassure us what a good insurance policy your good corporate citizen is providing us with. I am certain that the premier and water minister could supply plenty of copy if you are struggling.
Mark Robertson. President, Watershed Victoria.