According to Frank and Debbie Vanpelt, the shire should adopt the new Victorian standards for housing growth in the town as it will provide more protection for the town’s neighbourhood character.

OUT of control height limits on houses and overdevelopment of residential blocks. Two storey, three storey houses or more.
Vegetation decimated in the process.
Frank and Debbie Vanpelt of Inverloch say the planning controls on residential development and housing in Inverloch are out of control and they say there’s a clear priority for the new council to act.
Theirs were just a few of the comments that hit the butchers’ paper at a well-attended ‘Help Shape a better Bass Coast’ meeting in the Inverloch Community Hub last Thursday night.
But right from the outset, those at the meeting wanted to make sure that their feedback would be accurately represented by shire authorities.
They’ve been bitten by so-called ‘community consultation’ sessions before.
“How will we know if the ideas have been faithfully represented?” asked Inverloch Tourism Association President Dom Brusamarello.
“There will be a full report provided for the community to read,” said a shire spokesperson at the meeting.
All three ward councillors were there too; Crs Larke, Tessari and Brown, together with the Mayor Cr Pam Rothfield.
Once the ground rules were set, the 60 people in attendance really got down to it. Here are a few of the suggestions:
• Pathway immediately extended from Ayr Creek to the RACV (and remove the artwork on the new pedestrian bridge – “don’t need views of the inlet blocked!!”
• One-way from Pensioners Point to at least Abbott Street (too narrow, too busy)
• When there is community consultation, the council should take those outcomes into consideration when making decisions
• Streamline planning processes to encourage investment
• Upgrade sporting facilities
• More playgrounds in Inverloch
• Please sort out the dogs on beaches rules
• Council should advocate for upgrades to hospital and education in Wonthaggi and an ambulance station in Inverloch
• No three storey residences in Inverloch
• Keep the Inverloch tip
• Stick to town boundaries
• Better boat launching facilities
• No roadworks during the holidays
• What about a plan for the Inverloch shopping precinct.
There was also a SWAT analysis of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats as well as suggestions for new dog and cat rules.
‘Threats’ included that development is turning Inverloch into Cowes/Lorne.
The consultation process continues this week, Grantville (Monday), tonight Wonthaggi (Tuesday 7pm) and two on Wednesday at Corinella and Rhyll (7pm).