This footbridge starts the journey to the very popular surf beach pathway circuit.

The popular pedestrian circuit wraps around the wetland and heads back towards the surf beach walkways.

THE final stage of Inverloch’s exclusive Surf Beach Estate is now up for grabs with purchasers rushing to secure their piece of paradise before marketing has even commenced.
And why wouldn’t they as once this land is sold there will be no more found so close to such an amazing beach – arguably one of the best beaches to be found along Australia’s eastern seaboard.
There are three pedestrian walkways out of the Surf Beach estate, which link up with another four walkways to make it just minutes on foot to the beautiful sands of the beach stretching over several kilometres.
The patrolled beach is popular with surfers, boogie boarders, swimmers, kite surfers, paddle boarders, kayakers, or just kids peacefully playing in the sand.
Many walkers are out and about on dusk witnessing the brilliant sunsets over Eagles Nest.
The surf beach is also home to the Inverloch Surf Club which keeps the waters safe with patrolling and teaching hundreds of nippers about water safety, and then there’s the surf groms who take to the water to catch those elusive waves.
A new pathway to the beach from the surf club and the re-positioning of the patrol tower has improved the set-up immensely.
Just minutes away from the beach is the surf beach estate where in itself is proving very popular with walkers, cyclists, skateboarders all completing the pathway circuit which travels over a bridge, long stretches of footpath and around an attractive wetland.
Enthusiasts come from neighbouring estates just to walk around what is truly a beautiful estate.

Land sizes
There’s a variety of lot sizes and prices:
Lot 73 679m2 $280,000, Lot 74 684m2 $280,000, Lot 75 684m2 $280,000, Lot 76 684m2 $280,000, Lot 77 684m2 $280,000, Lot 78 684m2 $280,000, Lot 79 635m2 $270,000, Lot 80 970m2 $290,000, Lot 81 637m2 $260,000, Lot 82 704m2 $280,000, Lot 83 722m2 $280,000, Lot 84 693m2 $280,000, Lot 85 765m2 $290,000, Lot 86 823m2 $290,000, Lot 87 790m2 $290,000, Lot 88 1102m2 $320,000, Lot 89 759m2 $280,000, Lot 90 731m2 $280,000, Lot 91 931m2 $295,000, Lot 92 899m2 $315,000, Lot 93 683m2 $290,000, Lot 94 684m2 $290,000, Lot 95 684m2 $290,000, Lot 96 684m2 $290,000, Lot 97 684m2 $290,000, Lot 98 678m2 $290,000.
For further information on this amazing opportunity please the selling agent, LJ Hooker Inverloch Director, Allan Mann, on 0409 855 753, or the LJ Hooker Inverloch office on 5674 2888.