Greg Roylance with his grandchildren Jazmine, Jaxon and Josha. Greg and his wife Sue have owned the Manna Gum restaurant in Inverloch for nearly eight years.

ENDLESS opportunities await the new owners of Inverloch’s established Manna Gum restaurant, which has recently been put on the market by owners Sue and Greg Roylance.
After eight years of owning and running the Asian fusion restaurant, Sue and Greg are hoping to pass the baton onto a new owner, who will see the possibilities available from the established business.
“We’ve worked hard to establish a good client basis,” Sue said.
“From the start, it’s been a challenge. But we’ve got a good reputation for working hard in the industry.”
Before turning their attention to Manna Gum, Sue and Greg ran the Tarwin Lower pub and a busy café in Inverloch.
Now the couple are looking to spend more time with family, and hope to find the perfect person to take over the business.
“Manna Gum is not just a restaurant, it’s really multi-faceted,” Sue said.
“It can host weddings, and all kinds of functions. It’s one of the only venues around that is near the beach, but that can cater for up to 100 people. We’ve also held a variety of charity evenings here, too. There’s always variety with this job.”
Over the past eight years, the couple have divided their time equally in the restaurant, with Sue predominantly working with the kitchen, and Grey being the Front of House “and maker of excellent coffee.”
Sue said that they pride themselves on using local produce, employing local people, and serving up delicious food at an affordable price.
“We’ve done the hard work, and now it’s time for someone new to take over the reins,” Sue said.
“The next person has a loyal, established clientele ready for them, that they can use as a spring board to take the business further. They can step straight into a business that is already functioning. You can take it and run with it as it is, or you can put your own mark on it.”
The restaurant would be an ideal purchase for a local business owner who is interested in an already-established restaurant, or a sea changer who is looking for a new life down by the beaches of Bass Coast.
Sue and Greg said that they are happy to help with training and guidance for the new owners, and will be available to answer questions as part of the handover process.
“It’s a challenging life, but the rewards are really worth it,” Sue said.
“It’s really positive to see the rewards, and to receive such positive feedback from our customers. Running the restaurant provides a chance to be innovative, to source locally and support other locals. We’ve always been pushing ourselves here. There are just endless possibilities for whoever takes it over.”