AS controversy continues to rage about the 80km/h speed restrictions on the Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road, drivers have begun to ask what the cameras are mounted to the 80km/h sign as you exit Korumburra, going south.
Some people have suggested that they are speed cameras and that a lot of people must be getting caught over the limit.
There are also speed strips located at various points and others have said there is another set of cameras further along the road.
The Sentinel-Times has asked VicRoads for a response in the knowledge that it’s highly unlikely to be a speed camera as the sites for speed cameras need to go through strict Site Acceptance Testing before they go live.
VicRoads Planning Manager, Pas Monacella, confirmed: “It’s not a speed camera”.
“The technology attached to the poles is not a speed enforcement camera. It is a survey tool that we are using in conjunction with the tubes across the road to make an assessment of the effectiveness of the 80km\h speed limit which was introduced in December last year,” he said.
“The technology enables us to measure the number of vehicles, their speed and vehicle type, whether it is a car, truck, car with caravan, for example.
“The results will be used to compare with the information collected prior to 80km\h speed limit being introduced.
“Speed is a major causal factor in a quarter of serious injury crashes and lives lost on Gippsland Roads. The evidence-based research speaks volumes by replacing a 100km/h speed limit with an 80km/h speed limit reduces the chances of serious injury or death by 60 per cent.
“The safer travel speed of 80km/h on the Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road is here to stay,” he said.
So get used to it!