I agree with Bernie McComb (SGST Jan 10).
Each successive holiday season sees an increase in the number of holidaymakers our small towns are having to accommodate.
Speak to the many locals who shop extra early and you’ll find it’s because parking and shopping are so difficult during the day.
With them the holidaymakers also bring increased traffic and traffic accidents, vandalism, a lot more noise if you live close to camping or resort areas and an increased pressure on local doctors, hospital, police and various other services.
I also believe it is crazy having numerous large events throughout the year at a Grand Prix Circuit on an island connected to the mainland by only one two-lane bridge. Many locals are less than impressed with the delays involved trying to get on and off the island during these events.
We’re told local traders need more tourists but the ‘quality of life’ of the locals is rarely taken into consideration, the almighty dollar seems to rule.
Hopefully attracting tourists at any cost is not one of Bass Coast Shire’s policies.
Steve Carter, Inverloch.