Congratulations to the newly elected Bass Coast Shire Council for its decision on December 14, not to spend $800,000 on detailed drawings for the Cowes Cultural Centre revitalisation.
It was a responsible decision as the council cannot at this time be spending on non-essential items.
I, like many others, would like a revitalised Cultural Centre, but unfortunately the council’s weak financial position did not help our application for funding for the project.
The Auditor General’s report shows that despite the previous council stating what a good job they have done, the reality is very different.
Our council has been underperforming.
Rates for the 2017/2018 budget are being capped at 2 per cent, thus increasing rate revenue by $867,201 however employee costs, according to the budget, will increase by $915,000.
Nearly $50,000 more than the extra rate income.
Bass Coast Shire Council obviously cannot afford any additional expenditure until the financial position is improved.
John Swarbrick, Rhyll.