By Mitch Guy

AN eagle-eyed youngster and his family helped police and lifesavers rescue a kayaker at Coronet Bay last Monday afternoon.
Local resident, Kim Greenland and her grandchildren Seth, Tamikah and Kai were enjoying an afternoon at the beach when a sudden weather change saw the wind pick up dramatically and send beachgoers running for their cars with sand flying through the air.
As the family reached the safety of their car, 10 year-old Seth quickly came to the realisation that a kayaker they had earlier noticed was nowhere to be seen.
A local couple arrived on the scene after they saw the kayaker in trouble from their balcony, and called the police.
“Everything was happening very fast, the policeman stood on the side of his car looking with binoculars but couldn’t see him,” Kim said.
“It was suggested to give the binoculars to my grandson Seth because he was last one to see him and he looked out in the direction and said: ‘I can see him hanging on the kayak’.”
With the wind blowing strongly, police believed he would be swept towards Norseman’s beach.
The Woolamai Beach Surf Lifesaving Club was contacted and off duty lifeguards arrived on the scene and launched a rescue boat.
With the help of young Seth directing them, they eventually found the man and brought him safely to shore.
The unknown kayaker was treated by an ambulance, and Kim said the family was relieved to see him safe. “We were really glad he was safe and my grandchildren were so relieved and happy he was ok,” she said.
“He was really cold and couldn’t talk, and I just gave him a big hug. The ambulance lady said he was so lucky he’s got a community here that kept an eye on things.”
Leading senior constable Doug Murphy and senior constable Sean Kennedy from San Remo Police commended the family on their actions.