IN THE rolling hills of Glen Alvie, Marg and John Hauser run a small enterprise of Wiltipoll and Wiltshire Composite ewes.
They bought the farm back in 2001 when they were actually just looking for a few acres.
“It was pretty much impossible to find small acreage so we settled on 56 hectares,” said Marg.
The property has beautiful coastal views and is very peaceful.
They made the decision in 2004 to start a plantation of quality native hardwood and that led to the need to get sheep to graze under the trees.
“We didn’t want to have to shear them so we settled on Wiltshire Horn/Dorper First Cross Composite ewes and a ram in 2008,” explains Marg. “We have sheltered paddocks and the plantation area for the sheep with good fencing for rotational grazing across our open paddocks and plenty of water.”
The self-replacing Wiltipoll and Wiltshire Composite sheep are relatively easy to care for and they cope well with damp, hilly country.
“We got up to about 160 ewes and a few rams and now we have about 50 ewes and 79 lambs and a ram lamb. They are a slow growing sheep with lean tender meat,” said Marg.
Half their sheep get sold as meat, they keep some for themselves and the rest gets sold as livestock.
If you would like to learn more about this wonderful little enterprise you can visit their website