HOW good is the ambulance service in Korumburra?

What about the rest of South Gippsland and Bass Coast?

Are we getting the service we need or the service that Ambulance Victoria’s ‘bean counters’ think we deserve?

In next week’s Sentinel-Times you’ll hear the story of a local man with a history of heart disease who was in agony, with abdominal pain and back pain, one day last month when he raised the alarm at 7.20am.

When the ambulance hadn’t shown up after half an hour, he called again in a distressed state. According to him, the ambulance finally showed up at 8.15am and he was taken to Warragul Hospital.

We have asked Ambulance Victoria to provide an explanation for what occurred and also to give them the opportunity to provide the community with some assurances that the service it is providing is adequate, if not first class.

But we’ve heard other stories of unacceptable ambulance delays locally.

Perhaps you have your own concerns.

Please post your comments on our Facebook page, if they are included in the article which appears next week, they will do so anonymously. 

Is Ambulance Victoria doing the right thing by South Gippsland and Bass Coast? Is it complicated by the inability of our hospitals to accept emergency patients? Are local officers trying to do their best against a backdrop of poor funding and restrictive work practices?

What’s your experience with Ambulance Victoria?