By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait & Tackle, San Remo

For those who don’t know, the proposed San Remo fishing competition that was to be run over the last weekend, was postponed but a new date has been set and the competition will now be over the Labour Day Weekend in March. There are a couple of minor changes and you can get an entry form on our Facebook page or web site or simply drop into the shop. The competition will start on the Saturday morning at 6am and all fish must be weighed by 1pm Monday. With the the days of the long weekend there will be plenty of time and opportunity to catch a fish to weigh and it is open to all anglers both boating and land based anglers just drop in and enter. Even if you don’t manage to catch a fish everyone that enters goes into the draw for a great lucky entry prize.
The Sunday of the long weekend will also be the San Remo Fishing Festival run by the Kilcunda Bass Football Netball Club and there are plenty of activities planned for the whole family. The Sunday of the long weekend is also our annual stock clearance sale and we are just putting the finishing touches to it now and as usual there will be plenty of bargains to be had. The sale will be one day only and as it gets closer we will be posting more information on our Facebook page.
I have been trying to think of other things to fill the report with because I saw more seals, dolphins and pelicans fishing this week than people, especially over the weekend. Although the forecast for the weekend was for very rough conditions Saturday actually turned out a reasonable day in the bay at least. Offshore was a different story and was very ordinary, but most had looked at the forecast during the week and understandably made up their minds fishing was off so organised something else to do.
From the reports, nothing much has changed although probably for the amount of people fishing you would say things are on the improve. The whiting are still early morning and you need to do a bit of work and moving around, especially on the San Remo side to find them. The most common comment from almost everyone is “we got a feed” with Cleeland Bight the best area working between the quarry and the moorings. There have been several pinkies in the same area but many are small and for those who know where and how to target the flathead in that area some very good ones were reported. The best of the whiting reports again came from tortoise head and while the numbers weren’t that much better you didn’t need to move as much and with a bit of berley you could get the whiting to come to you.
Several whiting were reported from Rhyll in the channel towards the wreck and in Boys Home Channel just at the start of it and on the corner near Churchill Island. We had a couple of reports from dickies bay but there was a stage during the week where I did see several boats up towards Maggie Shoal very early chances are they were getting a few but we didn’t hear. The pinkies are being caught everywhere that the whiting have been found and everyone is saying that they are very small. It is worth persevering though because every now and again a customer tells us they were getting the odd whiting and small pinkies when it all stopped and they started catching pinkies much bigger and even up to 40cm.
Very mixed results on the corals and except for keeping the kids occupied not many reports to write about. In fairness though the winds made it difficult to fish on the corals most of the time during the week blowing side on to the tide which it makes it very uncomfortable. The reports from the corals was of the usual small gummies and flathead but on a positive several yakkas and salmon were also caught.
Several reports this week of garfish both from the boats and the land but more seen that caught from both. Most of the sightings came from the Newhaven jetty and in Dickies bay and not from those targeting them but those using berley. The reason not many were caught was those who saw them didn’t have any type of garfish gear with them. The reports from the jetty came from in the evening and just into the dark with reports from the boats very early morning.
The opportunities were few but still plenty of couta, squid and flathead offshore and now it seems that the gurnard have moved in for a feed as well, don’t forget when handling these fish to be careful of the spike otherwise it will bring a quick end to your fishing session. You can eat them and not speaking from experience but from customer feedback they are worth the effort needed with the trick to break off the spike on the back before you try to clean them. the flathead is still good size and seem to be in a bit closer as well with some reports from people new to the area coming from just outside the entrance.