IT’S been a long time coming, but Evans Petroleum will soon have a big new servo on Anderson Street in Leongatha designed specifically for trucks, helping to keep them out of the CBD.
Managing director Stuart Evans said once the heavy vehicle bypass route was confirmed, plans were finalised to replace the old Westside service station which is at least 60 years old.
The tanks have been pulled out, all of the buildings are being removed and the site cleared to make way for a $1.8 million facility set for completion in August.
“The old one was long passed its use by date,” Mr Evans said.
“It was pretty tired. We’ve wanted to do it for the past 10 years but there had been some uncertainty about the route of the bypass.
“Once that was finalised, we could get on with it.”
He said the new Westside service station will have three rows of pumps and high flow diesel facilities for trucks and the growing numbers of cars that require diesel.
New 50,000 litre tanks will be installed, more than twice the size of the old ones, to maximise efficiency.
While some trees have been removed towards IGA Liquor to cater for the larger servo, Mr Evans said he wanted to retain as many as possible to create a parklike rest area with benches.
More food will also be available, and a couple of extra staff will be needed to cater for the extra traffic.
“It will mean our other service station in Bair Street will be more user friendly for cars as there won’t be many trucks coming in.”
Considine & Johnston will build the new service station.
“We use local contractors in everything we do because they’ve always supported us.”