We’re two weeks away from summer’s end with storages near 70 per cent full, yet Daniel Andrews still hopes to pump in 50GL from his faulty desal plant.
Melbourne’s storages are at a healthy 68.1 per cent, but Daniel Andrews is determined to dump his 50GL desal water in just before the winter filling season starts.
At Parliament’s recent Budget Outlook hearing, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) confirmed it would take up to four months to deliver the desal order.
It won’t be long before autumn and winter rains start filling the dams again, so Labor should forget the water order and focus on getting a refund for customers instead.
DELWP also confirmed on Tuesday that in the last year Melburnians paid more than $600 million in “service fees” for a desal plant that doesn’t work.
Melburnians didn’t want a $24 billion desal plant and they definitely didn’t need a $27 million water order this year but Daniel Andrews put politics ahead of people and households continue to foot the bill.
Brian Paynter MP, State Member for Bass.