EDNEY’S Leongatha has welcomed back Nissan expert Heather Walker who has returned to the area after almost two years away.
Prior to that Heather had been with Edney’s for five and a half years, and had previously worked for Nissan for 25 years.
It’s fair to say she knows the brand inside out, although she’s noticed significant changes in technology in the two years she’s been away.
Heather said she’s glad to be back ‘home’ with her horses in the hills, and was pleased dealer principal Darryl McGannon had a vacancy on the team.
“I enjoyed my time here at Edney’s talking to the people, whether they were retirees or tradies.
“My background at Nissan was in the commercial vehicle area. I’d just left and moved to South Gippsland and I was looking to buy a Navara for the farm from Edney’s.
“I started chatting with Darryl and he asked what I was planning to do workwise.
“I said I was looking for part time work but I had no intention of selling cars. I’d done fleet sales before but that’s different.
“But before I knew it I was working full time and really enjoying it and it’s great to be back again. Darryl and I are just like old mates!”
It’s been a week now so Heather will be back up to speed, so if you’re in the market, head in to see the expert team at Edney’s who’ll have the right vehicle for you at the right price.