I really had to check the date to make sure I hadn’t got into the DeLorean and “time shifted” to April 1.
Can Trevor Ludeman, with all his inside knowledge and expertise, explain to me why my block of land for sale has not even had any interest, despite the price being dropped well below what I paid for it two years ago?
Can he explain why both real estate agents I deal with state that there are 300-400 blocks for sale in the Leongatha area at the moment, not 90, and very few are selling, because few are building?
Can he explain how adding “his” 140 blocks to an already saturated market is something that will benefit anyone apart from himself and the developer?
And with his foresight and “intimate knowledge of the dynamics of the Leongatha property market”, has he considered the long term effects of the lower milk prices, subsequent restraint on dependent businesses, downsizing and even the rumoured closure of the MG factory.
The town area has a glut of vacant shops (some of which were represented by Mr Ludeman’s PPD, eg. former Gleeson Motors site, now a vacant shell), a number of businesses have closed, employment is very limited, there is a glut of housing blocks off McDonald street, Shingler Street and Brown Street, and I would doubt that 47 to 65 new houses are built each year in Leongatha, however I would be happy to be convinced otherwise!
Perhaps the only thing that’s going to get “very tight” is the free space in Mr Ludeman’s wallet if his proposal is accepted by the council, seeing as he is representing a land developer who desires to make huge profits out of such a deal.
Hopefully, collectively, the councillors have enough local knowledge and foresight to see that this presentation is designed to line the pockets of a developer, nothing more, nothing less, and Mr Ludeman’s concern for Leongatha “running out of home sites” is driven by a vested interest, and is fantasy at best!
Wayne Beale, Leongatha.