IN A coincidental series of events, a baby born at the Wonthaggi Hospital now has a lifelong connection with reggae artist, Bob Marley.
Marley Robert Wright was born on Tuesday, February 7 in Wonthaggi.
At the same time in Jamaica, people in another time zone were celebrating the birthday of the famous Bob Marley.
Young Marley was born to parents Mia and Rodney Wright, who is a big fan of Bob Marley.
“We chose the name because we liked it, and both my father and Mia’s father are named Robert, so we wanted to have that name in there too,” Rodney said.
It wasn’t until Rodney was speaking on the phone to his mother in law that he realised the wonderful coincidence of his newborn son’s name.
“I called my mother in law, and she told me that it was actually Bob Marley’s birthday in Jamaica at the time Marley was born,” Rodney said.
“I was actually wearing a T-shirt with Bob Marley on it at the time of the call. It was this wonderful coincidence. Never underestimate the power of a father who loves Marley.”
Marley might only be a week old, but already he has a strong connection with the Bass Coast area.
His mother Mia’s great grandfather Ted Shillinglaw, also known as ‘Two Bob’, worked as a school principal in Wonthaggi for 30 years.
The Wright family are planning on settling down in the local area, as Rodney concentrates on developing his health and fitness business.