LANEWAYS are the unseen, unnoticed part of Wonthaggi, until we need to get between main streets quickly and take the shortcut through the arcade and across the lane.
Laneways don’t even make it on to some of our static maps nor show up in photos much. Too small? Perhaps.… but never unimportant…
They have a shady past – a past involving nightcarts, night soil, drains and outdoor dunnies.
As our sewerage system improved laneways were cleaned up and open drains covered and made safe.
They became the back-of-house location for shops where business owners could park their cars or take deliveries.
Many readers probably also have taken a smoko break in a laneway… or even had a quick pash with a new crush after a gig at one of the pubs or clubs?
Over the past few years Melbourne has taken its laneways to a whole new level and is now known world-wide for the labyrinth of lanes and arcades in the city centre that support busy cafes, wine bars, pop-up shops, tiny galleries and some amazing street art.
And the annual laneways festival is a muso’s joy.
So, what is happening in Wonthaggi laneways?
We already have some wonderful, creative street art murals on some of our laneway walls and the occasional coffee cart pop-up for morning meetings or events.
But on April 1 (no joke!) this year, the first Wonthaggi Laneways Festival will be held.
The free entry festival will feature live music, dancers and dancing, food stalls, Instagram projection, light shows, student art, market stalls and Motul MX Nationals bikes and riders.
Something for everyone and everyone welcome….and not a nightcart in sight.