Alex Scott and Staff stockmen Dale Atherton and Dave Holden prepare for the big sale of store cattle at Leongatha VLE Saleyards last Thursday. M160817

Veteran Landmark stockman, John Bowler, who celebrated his 70th Birthday on Saturday, chats with Dwayne East of Warrnambool stock transport operator Boyles which regularly moves three truckloads of South Gippsland cattle to the south west each week. M150817

Terry Johnston of SEJ helps pen up a good run of young Hereford steers ready for last Thursday’s busy store sale at Leongatha. M080817

ONE of the biggest store cattle yardings of the year, last Thursday, February 16, at VLE Leongatha, had stock agents, saleyards staff and local cattle producers on their toes from very early in the day.
More than 3000 young cattle were yarded and boosting numbers markedly was Phelan and Henderson and Co, who staged a very successful annual weaner store cattle sale, as part of the overall offering.
They yarded more than 800 of their clients’ cattle and were delighted to report that the breeders’ cattle sold to “very strong demand from South Gippsland fatteners and from NSW and SA backgrounders, with the lighter end of the well-bred Hereford steer calves, 275kg, selling to $4.80 per kg liveweight or $1320”.
Quotes included the following:
SI & CA Harrison 9 Char Strs 444kg $1530. P, N, D&M Moore 100 Ang Strs sold to $1450 and av $1402. D & K Belcher 60 Hfd strs sold to $1440 av $1366. G & L Simmons 61 Hfd Strs sold to $1370 av $1308. D & B Kallady 36 Ang Strs sold to $1390 av $1226. G & K Roberts 32 Ang strs sold to $1460 av $1331. Telegraph Past 16 Ang strs sold to $1390 av $1365. T Vening 12 Ang x Strs $1360. S & L Harrison 13 Ang Strs $1330. RJ & EF Foat 23 P/Hfd strs sold to $1340 Av $1287. DM Phelan 66 Hfd Strs sold to $1410 av $1255. D & E Lowe 10 Hfd Strs $1140.
Heifers quotes best bred Hereford heifers sold to $3.94 per kg liveweight.
SI & CA Harrison 17 Char Hfrs sold to $1330 av $1247. S & L Harrison 17 Ang Hfrs sold to $1190 av $1180. D & B Kallady 43 Ang Hfrs to $1270 av $ 1144. D & K Belcher 34 Hfd Hfrs to $1110 av $1045. G & L Simmons 27 Hfd Hfrs to $1080 av $981. G & K Roberts 22 Ang Hfrs to $1070 av $1034.
Joined Cows: A/c D & K Belcher 22 Hfd Cows 6 years ptic to calve March sold to $1975 and av $1906. A/c D & E Lowe 10 hfd Cows jnd HFD April Calving $1750