POLARIS has long been the leader in all-terrain utility vehicles and in 2016 more people have chosen Polaris than any other brand.
The hard-working range now extends to 23 models with certified Roll-Over Protection Structures (ROPS) to satisfy OHS concerns.
Combined with seat-belts with an interlock device that limits speed when the seat belt is unsecured, plus additional occupant restraints, there is a Polaris for every task and with safety front of mind.
With this massive range, Polaris dominated the Side x Side market in 2015 and again in 2016 accounting for around half of all Side x Sides sold.
Seating configurations start with the unique single-seat ACE which is rated to carry 261kg and towing capacity 680kg.
The ACE provides a compact and narrow footprint, for extraordinary access and maneuverability and features ROPS and car like controls.
It really is the starting point for Polaris Safety Technologies which underpin the entire Polaris Side x Side range.
The Ranger series of Side x Side utility vehicles provides a vast selection of models to satisfy virtually every imaginable requirement with seating from two to six seats, Petrol, Diesel and Electric, 2 wheel-drive and All-Wheel-Drive plus un-locking rear diffs for turf friendly performance.
With innovations such as All-Wheel-Descent-Control (ADC), Polaris has eliminated some of the criticisms from owners operating in hilly terrain levelled at some other Side x Side brands.
Also a leader in the familiar ATV segment, Polaris provides an extensive line-up with Heavy Duty suspension construction on many models with grease nipples to extend the working life of vehicles in the harsher commercial applications such as dairy.
Accessory choices are abundant and can be found in the 192-page accessories catalogue or on-line.
A truly customisable package with multiple roof, door and windscreen variations means the vehicle can be adapted to suit any work environment and escape from the elements.
The US company has now become the largest supplier of Side x Side utility vehicles in Australia, indeed worldwide.
Full details of specifications and features can be found at www.polarisindustries.com.au
Not all models have all features so it is a matter of selecting the model that best satisfies your needs.