Diarmuid and Jerry Griffin were visiting friends in Toora and checked out the sales at Leongatha on Friday. Diarmuid grew up on a small farm in Ireland and took an interest in the way farmers work in South Gippsland. rg200517

Murray and Dianne Hooper of Spectrum Finance, Tarwin Lower, sold 274 Angus and Angus/Hereford cross steers at Friday’s store sale. rg190517

Leongatha’s Wyatt Gieschen and Pakenham’s Toby Ronaldson had a day out at the Leongatha VLE saleyards. rg210517

SEJ’S biggest store cattle sale of the year has been a great success, with 3080 cattle finding a new home on Friday.
The Leongatha VLE saleyards were buzzing with SEJ auctioneers smashing through the sales at the fourth annual feature store cattle sale and the total yarding grossed more than $4.2 million.
Auctioneer James Kyle was kept on his toes and said the majority of cattle had been held especially for the sale or were bought throughout the year for the sale.
“This was a record yarding for the company in what was an outstanding line-up of cattle and it’s a massive credit to all vendors for the preparation of their cattle for this sale,” he said.
“It was a very successful day for the breeders, it’s good to see them getting a return and getting paid for what they’re producing.
“It’s probably tough from a trader’s point of view to buy for $1400 or $1500. You’ve got to put a fair bit of weight in them to sell them for $2000 to make anything, but it is what it is.
“It’s dear everywhere you go. There was a sale at Bairnsdale on today, so 6000 head of cattle sold at South Gippsland and East Gippsland within two hours of each other, which is a pretty strong result, considering.”
Spectrum Finance of Tarwin Lower was heavily featured on the day with 280 Angus and Angus/Hereford cross steers sold at the sale.
Owner Murray Hooper said they aimed for the store sale as store prices are currently better value than fat prices.
“We’re very happy with the prices but it depends on what we have to pay to put cattle back in the paddock,” he said.
James said the prices at Friday’s sales were similar to the market average at the moment.
“It depends who you talk to; some people would say the little cattle today may have been dearer, but all in all the older and grown steers were where we thought they would be,” he said.
“Feed lotters were some of main competition. We had a bloke come from Tassie that put a bit of floor in market as well. We had competition from the north east so people are willing to travel, but the majority of people were local stockers.”

Grown steers
• 232 steers were sold for Adval from Anderson at a top of $1800 and an average of $1750.
• 274 steers were sold for Spectrum Finance – Murray and Di Hooper of Tarwin Lower, with a top of $1820 and an average of $1703.
• 124 steers were sold for the Shellcot Partnership of Foster, for a top of $1840 and an average of $1702.
In the calf section, Greenwald Pastoral of Foster sold its complete drop of 408 steers with a top of $1430 and an average of $1321.
K & L Heggan of Binginwarri sold a line of Red Angus steers and heifers.
The steers topped at $1500 and heifers to $1280.
They also had a line of springing heifers to calve in February which topped at $2150.
M Eales topped the cow and calf sector at $2000 and the heifer section was topped by KR Hendricks of Inverloch at $1355.