The second wave of swimmers takes off in the swim leg of the 32nd San Remo Channel Challenge in superb conditions last Saturday.

Water safety manager from the Woolamai Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, Max Eldridge, gives his on-water team a briefing before the start of the Channel Challenge. m230717

The first across the line overall were Nathan Buschkuehl (left) who also won the Cape Aquathon and second overall Kazimir Boskovic.

The first female over the line was Rebecca Henderson (right), also 5th overall, from Berwick with second placed female Kate Murphy from Briar Hill.

ORGANISERS of the annual San Remo Channel Challenge will have a lot to think about when they sit down to consider staging the event next year.
For while the 32nd running of the event last Saturday was held in perfect conditions, 24 degrees and a light sou westerly wind wafting across The Narrows, there were some red tape challenges beforehand, and some glitches with the new timing system.
It has been reported that Parks Victoria put the kybosh on a good money-spinner for the Woolamai SLSC, the annual hole-in-one event; that the foreshore committee wanted more money from the club to host the event and the Bass Coast Shire Council set down some stricter rules this year on the staging of the event.
All these things served to test the preparations and limit the much-needed income to the volunteer organisation.
And on the day, there was a mix-up with the presentation of awards after a malfunction with the new timing system.
But it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the event by almost 450 competitors or the thousands of spectators who set up on the jetty or at vantage points on the bridge to see the competitors swim across and then run back into San Remo.
First across the line in the good time of 11 minutes 46 seconds was Nathan Buschkhuel of Lang Warren, followed by Kazimir Boskovic, also of Melbourne who won the swim in a time of 5:50 but was overtaken by Buschkhuel, who has represented Australia in triathlon competition.
First female over the line was Rebecca Henderson in the Junior Female, finishing 5th overall in a time of 0:13:15.1.
Many people stayed around after the event to enjoy music, food stalls and entertainment in the streets and local hotels as the street adopted a party atmosphere.
All-in-all, it was another successful running of the event but the organisers might consider some changes next year.

Coming up
Next Saturday, February 18 will be the running of the Cowes Classic, a 450m open water swim around the Cowes Pier with a 4km run as the final event in the Bass Summer Series trio of events.
There follows the Phillip Island Penguin Swim Classic, an event which has 2km and 800m open water distances available to competitors forming the notorious ‘Classics Weekend’ of back-to-back races on Saturday, February 18 and Sunday February 19.

Top 10 finishers were as follows:
1st Nathan Buschkhuel (Senior Male) overall 0:11:46.9, swim 0:06:17.6, run 0:05:29.3.
2nd Kazimir Boskovic (Senior Male) 0:11:52.4, 0:05:50.6, 0:06:01.8.
3rd Ben Wright (Senior Male) 0:12:43.7, 0:06:27.4, 0:06:16.3.
4th Luke Plant (Senior Male, Local Resident) 0:12:47.9, 0:07:03.1, 0:05:44.8.
5th Rebecca Henderson (Junior Female) 0:13:15.1, 0:06:44.5, 0:06:30.6.
6th Mack Clarkson (Masters Male) 0:13:20.1, 0:07:17.5, 0:06:02.6.
7th Linus Mayes (Junior Male) 0:13:25.9, 0:06:37.6, 0:06:48.3.
8th Mark Rowe (Senior Male, Local Resident) 0:13:26.3, 0:06:56.5, 0:06:29.7.
9th Kate Murphy (Senior Female) 0:13:26.4, 0:06:43.1, 0:06:43.3.
10th Jack Williams (Junior Male) 0:13:44.6, 0:06:56.6, 0:06:48.1.
Then followed: 11th Rob Fleisner 0:13:48.4, 12th Steven Carroll 0:13:49.7, 13th Bridget Cain 0:13:52.8, 14th Aurel Wachter 0:13:54.0, 15th Brock Jeffery-Warren 0:13:59.4, 16th Ryan Scannell 0:14:02.1, 17th Jamie Meyer 0:14:05.8, 18th Kai Lumsden 0:14:11.0, 19th Matthew Sullivan 0:14:17.6, 20th Marcus Bond 0:14:18, 21st Cory Wood 0:14:22.8, 22nd Mike Gowan 0:14:23.1, 23rd Ashlee Diston 0:14:27.3, 24th Eric Zubcic 0:14:27.5, 25th Jarrod Magann 0:14:31.9, 26th Nerice Smith 0:14:36.3, 27th Alice Baquie 0:14:45.4, 28th Kris Harris 0:14:50.9, 29th Kendra Jewell 0:14:51.3, 30th Thomas Hendy 0:14:56.4, 31st Brad Campbell 0:15:01.6, 32nd Andre Hetebrueg 0:15:02.9, 33rd Chris Blyth 0:15:04.6, 34th Thomas Onley 0:15:12.9, 35th Jim Corbett 0:15:16.6, 36th Mitchell Diston 0:15:19.6, 37th James Spottiswood 0:15:25.3, 38th Alex Monteit 0:15:33.8, 39th Georgia Kaye-Helmot 0:15:34.9, 40th Georgia Turner 0:15:42.3, 41st Mark Sexton 0:15:44.2, 42nd Declan Andreola 0:15:45.4, 43rd Emily Goode 0:15:50.1, 44th Mayson Vanderlolk 0:15:52.8, 45th Lachlan Carter 0:15:52.8, 46th Tiger Dessent 0:15:56.2, 47th Darren Wills 0:15:57.6, 484th Rodney Sturt 0:15:59.5, 49th Lara Cann 0:16:00.1, 50th Matthew Heislers 0:16:00.3.