Referring to your article on page 4 of last week’s paper; how are we supposed to take domestic violence seriously when a magistrate decides that abuse of a child requires only a $1000 fine?
That does nothing to bring consequence to this abusive behaviour and most times children that are subject to abuse grow up to abuse their parents and siblings as this is the behaviour they witness as OK.
To get serious about making these abusers accountable fines need to be removed, and the abuser held in a detention centre and never released unless he has learnt that violence is no way of communicating and to be worthy of being in society they need to relearn to be human which is the reason why human beings have been blessed with an intelligence to know better.
It is a joke to think that a $1000 fine is going to make the perpetrator take a serious look at his behaviour.
As a society we seem to be playing around the issue and every day we hear about the justice system failing law abiding citizens because they do not do their job effectively.
Build more centres to house these abusers and those on parole, never to be released unless they can show that they are worthy of being a decent member of society.
How many children have to die? How many people have to be victims of violence and how many innocent people have to lose their lives?
I hope magistrates, parole officers and the justice system feel a bit of responsibility to those people who suffer loss and abuse that no amount of sympathy, tributes or words can mend.
Obviously none of those useless commercials on television that we have to put up with in our lounge rooms make any difference. Put the money towards some serious strategies – empowering victims and making abusers and those on parole seriously accountable.
Dilene Hinton, Inverloch.