Your article page 5 of last week’s Sentinel (14/02/2017) requires further clarification with various financial figures.
The last paragraph related to ‘Ace Environment Services Pty Ltd’ has informed reader the annual cost for the Grantville Landfill site is $1,679,223.15.
Contract term is 10 years.
The total financial figure reported in the paper is $1.68m. (Error).
The figure actually is $1,679,223.15 x 10 years = $16,792,231.5 (rounded to $16.792m).
When you add up the figures of: $50.4 + $5.26 + $2.43 + $16.792 = $74.882m which is above your reported figure of $72.5m which includes Inverloch and Wonthaggi Transfer Stations.
How much does it cost to run the Cowes Transfer Station per year and over 10 years?
The total waste disposal expenses must be clearly spelt out for all ratepayers to be informed.
All the councillors must be asked to fully determine the total revenue expense for waste. They must be challenged over the services being provided each year, especially during the holiday/tourist periods.
Councillors must be asked about a future fully operational Recycle/Transfer Station located close to Cowes on Phillip Island.
What would be the setup development expenses? What would the yearly operational expenses be? How and where would waste be disposed of for recycle and waste materials of all types?
You might like to create a map showing all sites including a future Cowes site and record yearly and 10 yearly financial figures on the map sites.
What was the total waste expense for the financial year 2015/16? A figure the council can provide.
Additional reporting on waste expenses must spell out the true overall expenses for ratepayers.
I will look forward to reading future Sentinels.
Graham Jolly, Cape Woolamai.