Selling for just $80,000 on eBay, although why you’d want it is a mystery.

How about this one, cut down to $3995 on eBay.

Should turn a few heads at only $4799.

And one for the high-flyers at just $25,000.

IN addition to standard number plates,
VicRoads also offers custom or personalised plates and special interest plates; and over time, some of them have come to command big values.
However before you pay big bucks on eBay or other resale sites, you should go to
VicRoads’ Custom Plates’ website and try your luck.
The price of plates depends on the style and colour of plate selected, but it’s certainly likely to be the cheaper option.
You can also enter combinations you’d like to purchase and the website will make suggestions around you choice of letters if the exact one is not available.
At times VicRoads will put on sales of special plates or rare plates.
In December last year, 10 heritage plates went under the hammer at the 2016 Shannon’s Melbourne Summer Auction with all hand-crafted heritage plates sold, including the following: Plate no. 436 sold for $67,000, no. 576 for $57,000, no. 780 for $90,000 and no 935 for $64,000. It’s big bucks!
And a few months earlier, VicRoads had an auction for “lucky plates” with the following attracting successful bids: X888X for $5100, A888A for $6100 and V888V for $11,200.
If you do venture outside VicRoads to buy, there are some traps for unsuspecting players.
Here’s some advice from VicRoads:
1. Owning the physical plates themselves does not necessarily give you the right to display those plates on a vehicle.
2. If you are purchasing second-hand plates with the intention of putting them on a vehicle, it is important you contact VicRoads before you purchase them. They can confirm that the person selling you the physical plates also owns the rights to display that combination.
3. Before they can transfer the display rights to you, you will need to complete a ‘Transfer of Rights’ form. This has to be signed by both yourself and the seller. Legally VicRoads cannot accept any other form of paperwork.
4. Privacy laws mean that VicRoads can’t give out any information about the owners of certain registration numbers and they can’t contact these owners on your behalf.
The number you should call to check details is 1300 660 417. They can tell you the status of the plates before negotiations are entered into and potentially save you from any disappointment.
If you go out into the marketplace, there are literally hundreds you can buy on eBay including ‘bargains’ such as MOW1NG for $3995, NAKED1 for $4799 or even LIAR for $80,000 and NASDAQ for $25,000.
There’s also Gumtree and businesses that specialise in buying and selling custom plates.
VicRoads doesn’t mind a little fun with your selections and imagination but there are some combinations they won’t allow. They include combinations that:
1. Use inappropriate language;
2. Make inappropriate racial, religious, sexual, physical or mental health references;
3. Contain a poor Road Safety message;
4. Makes reference to violence;
5. Prohibited by The Defence Amendment Regulations;
6. Misrepresents affiliation with a body or agency;
7. Shows disrespect to the law, law enforcement or law enforcers;
8. Contains a reference to towing or the word ‘TOW’;
9. Contains a reference to terrorist organisations; or
10. May be mistaken for another number.
Of course we’ve all seen plates that have either slipped through these guidelines or sail close to the wind.