By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

OVER the Easter weekend we will be running a fishing competition with 100 per cent of the entry fees donated to the Good Friday Appeal.
There will be categories for heaviest Squid, Flathead, Salmon, Whiting, Gummy and there will be categories for junior anglers only – Squid, Whiting and Flathead.
We have had some extremely generous support from the local businesses and as well as the category prizes we will have lots vouchers you can win just for entering.
We will have regular lucky angler draws over the weekend and a full list of the prizes and giveaways are available in store or on our Facebook page.
You can fish every day or just one day, from the land or boat.
We are hoping to get around 100 entries to raise as much as possible for this very worthy cause.
Let all your friends and family know and enter for a fun weekend.
More information and entry forms will be available on our Facebook page, website and in store, and you will be able to sign up any time before the comp but you must be entered before 12pm on Good Friday.
Enter early as the first 50 people go into a special draw for a pair of Uglyfish sunglasses.
There was some very good conditions over the weekend which saw plenty of boats out trolling around chasing the now elusive tuna.
They have gone a bit shy but are not necessarily gone altogether, as a few customers told me they still sounded some reasonable fish but couldn’t get them interested at all.
The glassy conditions saw a few giving the Kingfish a go and several were caught but most were only small.
There were a couple of reasonable size ones but no real reason why or where they were caught.
Many of the Kingfish reports we have received lately were from those trolling small skirted lures for Tuna and the kings were more of an accidental catch.
The bigger ones came from those who went to target them using live baits.
The best of the reports came from the area between Pyramid Rock and the George Kermode wreck with one we know of from The Pinnacles.
Still plenty of bait offshore including Slimmeys both big and small, Yakkas and Couta with plenty of Arrow squid down deep on the bottom.
We have had several reports about large amounts of Krill again with Salmon boiling up around the Krill but not really interested in taking lures.
Those chasing Flathead didn’t seem to have too many problems finding a good feed, although it was probably a bit harder than the last couple of weeks and you needed to do a bit more work and go back over a patch when you found them.
There have been some good Pinkies this week offshore as well, which is maybe a sign of them leaving the bay.
Whiting are being caught but working out the right time has again been the problem with those fishing the early morning doing better consistently.
This week however with a bit of cloud cover there has been several reports from even the middle of the day.
On the very sunny bright days we didn’t have a single report from during the day and any reports came from both ends as the sun was just coming up or going down.
Cleeland Bight produced a few fish but the best of the reports came from the top end of the bay towards the Bass River and Reef Island.
We had a few reports from the other side at Ventnor from our kayak customers and the size of the whiting was slightly better there as well.
There’s still several Pinkies although not as many of the very small ones reported and some quality as well over 40cm.
The Pinkie reports were random in where they were caught and I would struggle to point you to the exact place to find them.
The Corals were probably the only spot consistent from the reports, but the trouble was it was the smaller ones caught for the week.
There was also hundreds of undersize Gummies and Schoolies and the usual Flathead.
If you are fishing in the bay make sure that you have a light rod set up with a small lure for Salmon sitting in the rod holder because there have been some schools of Salmon moving through the bay.
There have also been schools of Yakkas and Slimmeys Mackerel that have been big enough to take a small lure, 15g to 25g the best from the reports.
There have been a lot of Slimmeys and Yakkas from the jetties around the Island, mostly in the evening.
With a sabiki rig you can get a bucket of quality bait in a very short time, but just remember there is a bag limit on these fish.
Calamari continue to be frustrating because of their inconsistency from both land and from the boats.
There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for it with plenty of possibilities, the most popular is the number of predators, Couta and Pike mainly in the bay now making the Calamari very timid.
There doesn’t appear to be a problem with numbers because we are still getting customers coming in giving us reports that they bagged out.
I have had several reports from customers fishing on the Cowes side in boats and those fishing the San Remo jetty seeing huge schools of small Calamari travelling past so I think like all fishing something will set them off again and in no time, we will be getting plenty of reports again.

Full weekend of fishing

Paul De Hamer won the Venus Bay Angling Club Labour Day weekend senior competition with a 980 gram Australian Salmon for 490 points.

Youngster Blake won the Venus Bay Angling Club Labour Day weekend junior competition with a 680 gram Pinky for 340 points.

THERE was a mixture of conditions for Venus Bay Angling Club’s Labour Day weekend competition.
Saturday was lovely both on the beach and out in the boat on Anderson Inlet; on Sunday there was four seasons in one day and Monday was lovely again.
There was a variety of fish weighed in during the weekend.
Senior winners:
1st: Paul De Hamer with an Australian Salmon 980 grams for 490 points.
2nd: Michael De Hamer with a Whiting 260 grams for 390 points.
3rd: Phil Nebel with a Pinky 680 grams for 340 points.
Juniors: 1st: Blake with a Pinky 680 grams for 340 points.
Well done to Blake with his first entry in a comp. Hopefully, it’s the first of many successful fishing weekends for Blake!