It really angered me to read of VCAT’s decision to allow the new childcare centre in Park Street, Inverloch.
Because of past similar circumstances I have complete empathy with the residents, despite not living near the proposed development.
What in heavens name is the point of having elected councils if their decisions, which should be based on local opinions and knowledge, are so often overruled by an authority that has no knowledge of, or indeed no real interest in, the residents and their problems?
Something is wrong with the system when an inappropriately placed childcare centre is allowed to alter the lives of nearby residents by dramatically increasing local noise and traffic congestion, then to cap it off profits are being made out of their new found misery.
When ordinary residents through their councils are prevented from making local decisions then we have had an important democratic right taken from us.
I call on the State Government to completely overhaul the powers of VCAT with regard to council planning decisions, after all, councils, love them or loath them, are elected to look after the interests of the local population.
Steve Carter, Inverloch.