The Cypress trees at the Yanakie Caravan Park will be removed in the coming months, according to the South Gippsland Shire Council. Photo credit: Jerri Lee Phillips.

THE South Gippsland Shire Council is set to remove a number of Cypress trees lining the edge of the Yanakie Caravan Park.
The council says the trees must go in order to meet CFA regulations and standards, and to ensure the safety of caravan park visitors.
The trees have been a feature of the caravan park for many years.
Caravan Park coordinator at the South Gippsland Shire, Jock Wilson, said that the tree removal was unfortunate but necessary.
“A two metre clearance is required for sites which means that a number of the existing sites do not currently meet safety requirements due to the tree location,” Jock said.
“As the safety of our guests is our priority we need to remove any potential fire risks.
“We recognise that the tree removal will have a short-term impact on park aesthetics; however we will revegetate the area with indigenous plants that are more in keeping with the natural coastal environment.
“We are also fortunate that the park offers good facilities in a stunning natural location.”
However, many people within the local community believe that it is the trees themselves that add a special quality and certain ambiance to the park.
Jerri Lee Phillips from Dalyston was staying at the caravan park recently when she heard about the upcoming removal of the trees.
“I am so upset. I was told they’ll all be gone within three months,” Jerri Lee said.
“It’s unbelievable. Why don’t they cut down all the dangerous trees that are in need of cutting along our roadways?
“I can’t see the danger of the trees.”
The council says that the tree removal works will improve park safety, amenity and coastal integrity.
Planning permits for the removal are in place and works are expected to commence in May.