WE all want better roads. In fact it’s always one of the top priorities in community surveys.
But you can’t blame drivers for getting a little frustrated at times about traffic management at some roadworks sites.
Take the Kongwak bends last week.
There, motorists were introduced to a new kind of management technique, a set of traffic lights with a sophisticated count down arrangement that must certainly have been invented by a particularly sadistic engineer.
Each time a number counted down you could feel your life slipping away and worse than that, no one came the other way until right at the end of the sequence – it had lines of traffic waiting at both ends.
And there in the protected work zone nothing was happening. Blokes were standing around talking, their machinery idle.
It’s a whinge pure and simple but if you had to sit there and wait last week you’d know what we mean.
Get set for more of the same though with both VicRoads and local shires heavily into their roads programs at the moment.
In general terms bring it on but the ‘countdown clock’ style traffic lights are pure torture!