In light of the recent desal/diesel furore, several things have become apparent.
Firstly, the willingness of Aquasure to risk the health and amenity of residents (and ratepayers) in their desperate attempt to protect profit margins and deliver a pointless water order is simply astonishing.
As such, any future statements regarding their care for our community and environment should be taken with a very large pinch of salt (pun intended).
On the other hand, the determination of locals to grasp the rampaging white elephant by the tusks has been magnificent.
Concerned community members, Bass Coast Shire councillors and the environmental defenders all stood up to the corporate bully in a display of the true meaning of community spirit – the protection of our special coastal home.
Even the EPA had serious concerns about the impacts of the hastily-assembled, filth-spewing generators.
It appears that we have, for now, been spared the choking fumes and noise of Aquasure’s Plan B, but we must still endure the many truckloads of chemicals and barrow-loads of cash flowing to the plant, along with the 40 tonnes per day of dead marine life leaving.
And we are paying handsomely for this – more than $600 million this year. It will soon be time for our state government to consider next year’s order of water – with an election on the horizon will they prop up the corporate cowboys or spend our money on schools and hospitals?
We were promised world’s-best-practice – really?
Mark Robertson, president, Watershed Victoria.