By Nathan Johnson

NINE years in the making, the Karmai Children’s Centre is well worth the wait.
It’s a magnificent facility that will serve the Korumburra community for many decades.
It’s just the tonic the town needs following the closure of the NAB branch last month, following on from the ANZ’s departure a year or two earlier.
If only the banks’ decision makers were there on Friday for the children’s centre’s official opening.
They would have seen how driven this community is to make the town great again, and the centre will be the cornerstone of that regrowth.
It’s not just the current and future generations of children who’ll benefit the state-of-the-art early learning facilities; the impact will be immediate. Families will now seriously consider a move to Korumburra because it’s there.
The parents that drove the project did so out of a need to replace the existing facilities.
But the way they went about it, drawing in the full support of all three levels of government, means that the new centre is much more than a replacement – it sets the mark for communities right across the country.