I was thrilled to read about eminent art historian Robert Smith coming to Wonthaggi.
As the leading authority on a Wonthaggi hero, Noel Counihan, Mr Smith will bring great value to the people of South Gippsland.
He was the founder of Art Historical Studies at Flinders University, South Australia, and a senior lecturer for 23 years. Over his long lifetime he accrued immense knowledge about all facets of art, including its political and social significance.
But he is not just a noted art historian; he is also a Shakespearean.
His phenomenal memory was enhanced, he told me, by experience as a Shakespearean actor and by years of immersion in the text of the plays.
His wicked sense of humour and sprightly mind have often caused to him to erupt into a recitation of a speech from a Shakespearean play, thus entertaining many a fascinated audience.
It is not just his gift of art works that I celebrate, but also his gift of a unique personality and lifetime study of the arts.
He is a legend, this man, a friend of Noel Counihan who became a distinguished art historian and writer.
Congratulations shire council for bringing Robert Smith, his collection and his knowledge to the shire.
Jan Richardson, Eltham.