We would like to add our voice to those who are objecting to the extension, to the north, of the village of Cape Paterson.
We have been at Cape Paterson for many years and are really enthusiastic about keeping a ‘village’ atmosphere and believe that this huge extension is unnecessary as there are ample vacant blocks and houses for sale in the village.
It has been well documented that infrastructure at Cape Paterson is having difficulty coping as it is.
We are of the opinion that such a development would be very bad for the existing community and take away from the small community atmosphere.
We do not want to become a large suburb of Wonthaggi – we want to retain our coastal village.
Any development of this size should be in the vicinity of the larger community of Wonthaggi where services and infrastructure are available.
We understand that the developers have been lobbying strongly and have had private meetings with council planners and councillors.
This is unfair. How do they get to have meetings/briefings when the residents of Cape Paterson and the Cape Paterson Residents and Ratepayers Association do not get the same type of input/invitation. Is this once again the big end of town getting the say when the people who pay the rates and support the local area get nothing?
Let’s face it – developers are only in it to make money and have little or no regard for ‘community’.
Merril and Barry Bolton, Cape Paterson.