I feel compelled to respond to the letter of Robbie Viglietti of Phillip Island on March 7.
I strongly resent your suggestion that I, as a member of the Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association, follow Kevin Griffin blindly as a Messiah.
At least he has got off the couch to encourage others to be involved in their community rather than just complain about issues and do nothing. I commend Kevin and his committee for their commitment to our shire.
With respect to our transfer station, it is not a tip. It was sealed off many years ago. We went to the council meetings and there was no environmental assessment or business case put forward by the previous council.
To my knowledge the EPA has not inspected the site so the cost of any possible upgrade, if necessary, is purely speculation.
It is highly emotive and misleading at this stage to suggest that it is a toxic time-bomb. Those of us who live outside the town boundary do not have a rubbish collection and take all our rubbish to the transfer station.
Inverloch is more than a few minutes away from Wonthaggi and imagine all the additional traffic, with trailers, driving through the main streets of Wonthaggi.
The petition you mention that was signed by over 600 people did not refer only to the Inverloch transfer station but also to the reopening of one at Phillip Island which is why 32 per cent of the petitioners were from Phillip Island.
You mention that the site is bounded by the Screw Creek Conservation and Reserve Zone and borders on residential property.
The rezoning of that area into residential only happened in the last decade whereas the transfer station has been there for many more years.
In closing, I would like to commend our current councillors for being cautious, informed and thorough when considering all the issues put before them.
Glenys Dale, Inverloch.