Bass Valley Primary School student Zachary Copeland with his sculpture to contribute to the Luminous Streets project.

THE first Luminous Streets project is continuing to engage the community, with Bass Valley Primary School students contributing sculptures.
The Luminous Streets project will see light-based sculptures and installations constructed using reclaimed plastics and self-constructed light electrics.
The sculptures and installations will contribute to a series of outdoor light galleries on the water’s edge parks of Pioneer Bay, Tenby Point, Corinella, Coronet Bay and Grantville.
The installations will be placed in trees, in the ground and on existing structures, and will respond to the unique identity of each town.
On Sunday, April 8 the lights will turn on, displaying beautiful luminous gardens in each town.
Five different artists are working with students and each student will produce one or two sculptures.
One of the organisers of the project, Jessica Wilson, said the idea of the project is to have everyone feel invested in the galleries and have a feeling of ownership.
“It’s about reimagining places as a different place,” she said.
“The class I’m working with are making luminous light globes on the end of sticks.
“The kids are really responsive to what we’re doing and really enthusiastic.
“What’s really great about it is they get to do something that’s non-traditional in terms of art and think about the individual artistry and the lighting.
“The kids have found it fun and interesting to put batteries in lights and see how they come up and what different materials do under light.
“When they see their work in the dark it will be very exciting.”
The Luminous Street light galleries will be launched on Sunday, April 8 with a simultaneous light-up, and then audiences can explore the different towns to enjoy the quiet splendour of each community’s offering in a Celebration Night with a difference.
Food stalls will be chosen with a progressive dinner in mind – soup in one town, sausages in another, homemade pies, cake and ice cream, and coffee.
Audiences can view the galleries in any order starting in any town at any time between sunset and 11 pm.
Free mini-buses decorated with playful lights will transport audiences between the towns, enabling people to meet each other en-route.
Local musicians will play acoustically at each gallery, and children will lead tours of their own town’s gallery.