BASS Valley Primary School students have been busily creating amazing artworks which will light up their local parks and foreshores.
Students will continue to be integral to the project, building artworks and taking part in the official opening of ‘Luminous Streets’ in Grantville on Saturday, April 8.
Luminous Streets is the first part of ‘The Edge of Us’, an ambitious, two-year Small Towns Transformations project during which adults and students will work with artists to transform the local landscape. Grade 5 and 6 students have worked with artist Jeannie Haughton for four weeks to create a swarm of mosquitoes.
“It was case of work, work, work to get them finished,” Jeannie said.
“The teachers and students all put their heads down and got stuck into it as it was a really challenging task.
“The mozzies are going to look great under lights though, and how much more local can you get than mozzies!”
Jessica Wilson has been working with Grade 3 and 4 students to create beautiful flowers for the Pioneer Bay Garden Of Light Gallery, while the younger grades have been working with artists Lisa Burrell and Andreas Diesner on panels that will be incorporated into sculptures in Corinella and Grantville.
Grade 3 and 4 students will begin work with artist Mary Sullivan very soon.
The student art works will light up on the opening night in Grantville, Pioneer Bay, Tenby Point, Corinella and Coronet Bay.
The project is being managed by Bass Valley Landcare and is an outcome of the Small Town Transformations program, a Victorian Government initiative delivered by Regional Arts Victoria.
For more information contact Jessica Wilson on 0403 634 231 or, or Jeannie Haughton on 0438 222 138 or