THE life of a pork farmer can be challenging and time-consuming – just ask Moyarra’s Tim Anderson.
Tim moved to a farm in the hills three years ago with his wife Kirstin and three year-old daughter Paige.
A career change from the IT industry saw Tim start Moyarra Fine Foods, raising pure bred Berkshire pigs in a free range environment.
It’s become a full-time job and around 200 pigs keep the family on their toes.
“It’s challenging. They’re very destructive but it’s been really good,” Tim said.
“There’s a lot to do and most of it is fixing everything that they’ve broken.
“We weigh them all once a week, because of their fat. We try and make sure they’re not too fatty.
“They all get weighed and we adjust their food. We have a nutritionist who helps us with that. It’s a formulated diet and they all get fed accordingly.
“Whether it’s a cold week or hot week it fluctuates as well, and through their life cycle it depends how much you feed them and what you feed them.”
Berkshire pigs are a rare breed with rich, juicy, sweet and succulent meat.
The farm has 33 breeding sows, with two litters per year producing about six to seven piglets per litter.
The pig’s lifecycle is about five and a half months from birth, and the farm produces around 450 pigs per year.
Tim said the farm has now obtained a permit to increase to 50 breeding sows, and production will continue to grow.
“We found it hard to get Berkshire pigs to start with and we could only get two,” he said.
“They’re classified as a rare breed but they’re starting to come out of that category.”
The farm provides meat for a few butchers in Melbourne and has started supplying Hogget Kitchen, formerly Wild Dog Winery at Warragul.
Tim would love to supply more pork to the local area and if you’re interested, he can be contacted on 0410 456 521.