• Allambee Mirboo & District Tennis

Section 2 winners, Outtrim, from left, Noelene Cosson, Matt Row, Louise Sherar, Marty Nicholas, Belinda Whiteside and Jeff Brusamarello. N101317

Section 3 winners, Baromi, from left, Hayden Jones, Tamsin McCormack, Kelly McCarthy and Paul Jones. N111317

Players who’ve won the most games in their section were, from left, Justin Krohn, Nicole Walker, Susan Clark, Sean Fraser, Luke Marshman and Rachel Carlisle.

INVERLOCH has won the Allambee and District Tennis Association Section 1 grand final in a close contest against Phillip Island.
It was one of three close finals held at the Leongatha courts in perfect conditions; fine and very little wind.
The three sections were all decided in the last sets.

Section 1
Inverloch 5.59 defeated Phillip Island 4.57.
What a great final that was close in all games. A low point being Bronwyn Williams being unable to take the court and was replaced by Virginia McEntee.
With two games to Phillip Island before the mixed, Inverloch won the first two mixed and had a three game lead. The last set went to a tiebreaker to Phillip Island, but Inverloch ended up the winners of the day by two games.

Section 2
Outtrim 5.60 defeated Baromi 4.53
Baromi won the men’s sets and Outtrim won the ladies. With a three game lead to Outtrim going into the mixed, it was anyone’s game.
Baromi won the first mixed, with a one game lead now to Baromi.
A tiebreaker in the second mixed going Outtrim’s way meant it was all tied up.
Outtrim won the third mixed and subsequently, the grand final.

Section 3
Baromi 5.44 defeated Leongatha Parrots 2.37.
The young Parrots were disappointed with the end result, but experienced Baromi side were stronger on the day. What a great future the young players have ahead of them.
Zara Littlejohn and Tamsin McCormick had a good season in the singles. Today, Zara was the winner. The games were close all day, with the last sets deciding the match. Baromi walking away the winners this time.
The trophies were presented to the winners and runners-up straight after play.
The tournament winners were also presented with their trophies that were played earlier in the season.
The Most Games Won for the Season award is always an interesting part of the presentation with players eager to know how they have gone.
Section 1 Ladies: Nicole Walker, Phillip Island.
Section 1 Men: Justin Krohn, Inverloch.
Section 2 Ladies: Susan Clark, Hallston.
Section 2 Men: Sean Fraser, Baromi.
Section 3 Ladies: Rachel Carlisle, Leongatha Parrots.
Section 3 Men: Luke Marshman, Leongatha Parrots.
A barbecue, salads and desserts were served and appreciated by members and their families.
A good season by all clubs. Enjoy the winter break and look forward to the 2017/18 season.