Leongatha bypass, the things that are going on and why it’s so wrong.
There is no sign on the Korumburra side telling you there is a bypass of the main street.
Traffic coming from Korumburra on Anderson Street, who are doing a right hand turn into McCartin Street, have to give way to traffic coming around from Roughead Street, heading to Korumburra, which banks up with many vehicles turning right; I’ve seen up to 10 there.
The traffic from McCartin Street going down to Roughead Street also has to give way to traffic which is coming along Anderson Street going left around onto Roughead Street. The traffic then ends up banking up McCartin Street.
I have seen the traffic banked up through the Bair Street–McCartin Street roundabout, all the way to the Peart Street–McCartin Street roundabout.
Then this stops traffic that is coming out of Bair Street into the roundabout who are trying to do a right hand turn or go down Michael Place.
The next problem is traffic coming up Roughead Street heading to McCartin Street roundabout. They get stopped by the traffic using the roundabout.
I have seen vehicles banked up back over the old railway line.
Next problem is vehicles trying to do a right hand turn off Roughead Street onto Long Street. I have seen two B-doubles with four cars behind them all trying to turn right, which also stopped the traffic flow.
Too bad if a B-double wants to do a right hand turn out of Long Street, down Roughead Street. There’s not much room to turn safely and it has to be clear on their left.
Now what I have seen happening in Leongatha is vehicles avoiding this area, turning off Roughead Street, down Turner Street, past the caravan park to Anderson Street, then turning right to go to Korumburra or vehicles coming from Korumburra, turning right into Smith Street to also avoid the intersection.
I followed a B double truck down Turner Street, which turned back onto Anderson Street and headed Korumburra way last week.
Another way to avoid the area for trucks, when coming into Leongatha from Mirboo North, is to go down Horn Street, into McDonald Street, right on to Parr Street, left to go Koonwarra way. I followed a truck one day and that is what it did.
There isn’t a bypass for heavy vehicles coming from Leongatha South way and there are many trucks driving down McCartin Street to this intersection as well, some go right down Bair Street, so as to avoid the intersection.
I am sure I am not the only one that has seen all of this happening.
Everyone has to have a say. It’s your town, not VicRoads or the council, and someone is going to be hurt soon.
VicRoads has wasted $5.12 million of our money on this bypass. It’s not even funny what is happening. If I make a mistake doing my job, I have to fix it at my own cost, so whoever decided to make this big mistake (he or she) should be accountable as it was never going to work from the start. Any local would have told them.
Noel Grayden, Dumbalk.