Thank you for your editorial regarding the CityLink fine farce and the article in the Sentinel-Times last week reporting from the Magistrates’ Court.
I have an experience that has now been put to rest with fines being withdrawn.
Oh, what a saga! There is no room to tell it all in this letter so I’ll cut to the chase!
Received over a one-week period in the mail were two letters from Civil Compliance at the end of March 2017.
They were fines for using the toll road in Melbourne back in November last year, total cost of $310.
So I ring Civil Compliance three times, and after being on hold forever, I am informed that I should contact CityLink about my problem.
CityLink say even though I have had an eTag since goodness knows when that I have no account.
Puzzled, I ring again and this time I am told, ‘Yes’, you have an account. Sadly, someone two years ago at CityLink entered my car rego with one letter instead of a digit wrong, ie not 1 but I.
Too late, because the matter is in the hands of Civil Compliance.
Back to Civil Compliance. Fill out forms for both fines with reason for appeal.
End result, letter received yesterday, no further action will be taken, for both fines.
I am very fortunate it seems after reading the many disasters and learning of them on radio shows.
Why are we subsidising toll road operators who are making a fortune through Civil Compliance?
Great news finally our State Government has decided to show some concern for the long suffering people of this state in overhauling a most peculiar system.
This matter has cost me endless phone calls, recorded mail deliveries and the embarrassment of the postal system thinking that I am a law breaker.
Still, as I say, I am fortunate and it does take my mind off those ridiculous chicanes on Surf Parade that we seem to be lumbered with.
A Forrester, Inverloch.