NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch is alive and kicking crime in Coronet Bay.
The group, less than a year old, has achieved two months without crime in the town.
Chairperson Ivan Bradshaw said crime in Coronet Bay was the driving force behind the formation of a Neighbourhood Watch group.
“There were a lot of house break-ins, hoon behaviour and a lot of thefts from unlocked vehicles,” he said.
A group was founded in Cowes and the idea was then floated to create one in Coronet Bay.
“A few locals said ‘Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Let’s get this thing going’.
“There seemed to be enough people keen enough, but no-one to put their hand up to start it.”
Alongside other locals, Ivan and his wife Pauline organised an information evening and within two weeks, a committee was formed.
The committee members are Christine Slavin, Ivan Bradshaw, Joyce Cotter, Julie Cameron, Levinus Van Der Neut and Pauline Hiscock.
“I’m so happy with the results we have achieved and the way police are communicating with us.
“The past two months there was no crime reported and the month before that there was a boat theft.”
Mr Bradshaw stressed the importance of how Neighbourhood Watch encourages residents to look out for each other and know what’s going on in the community.
“It’s a group effort. We couldn’t do it without the support from locals, sponsors, police and the committee.”
Residents are encouraged to attend the group’s monthly meetings. For more information, call secretary Pauline Hiscock on 5678 0663.