THE Gippsland Giant Earthworm is something unique in the world to the Korumburra area and plans are afoot to make it a feature, a curious theme to attract visitors to the town in the future.
And last Monday, members of the Korumburra Business Association (KBA) took the first steps towards bringing back ‘Karmai the Worm’ as possibly part of that vision.
But according to secretary of the KBA, Shirley Arestia, it’s up to the community to decide what they’d like to see in the future.
“We just wanted to get Korumburra’s Karmai worm out again as really a talking point around what might be possible in the future,” Shirley said this week.
“Personally I’d like to see a static sculpture put up as part of the redevelopment of the railyards and railway station to also include an information display about the Gippsland Giant Earthworm.
“I’m not sure that we want to go back to the days of having a festival with a parade, where Karmai the Worm first came to the fore, because with the volume of traffic we have now, we’ve kind of moved on from there.
“But there could be a different sort of festival around the giant earthworm and we’d like to hear what people think.”
Mrs Arestia said the small, under-resourced KBA committee couldn’t take on the running of a festival, but it could be something for a sub-committee or other group to take on.
“More by default than anything else, we own Karmai the Worm now and if anyone wants to make a new one of those, probably a fibreglass one that was a bit more durable than the papier-mâché one would be the way to go.”
So, some way or other the Gippsland Giant Earthworm may find a place in the future of Korumburra even if it’s only to provide something quirky and unique for visitors to the town to take an interest in.
The KBA thanked Frank Parini for generously donating his shop and several others for their support including Robert and Noelene Cosson, Mark Olsen, Kev Fitzgerald, Warren Burgess, Rick Arestia and Rhys Arestia, with special thanks to little helpers Sophie and Maddie Olsen.
Karmai the Worm is desperately in need of restoration or rebuilding and you’ll find donation details are on the window.

More good news
Meanwhile there’s more good news for the Korumburra CBD.
The former nursery that has been vacant in the centre of town for a long time looks like getting a new lease of life.
The Korumburra Business Association made Enquiries about erecting a temporary façade in front of the site but enquiries of the owner indicated it wouldn’t be necessary as a new lease would soon be going in.
There’s already been activity around the site and there’s hope the premises might soon be occupied.
Also on the subject of improving Korumburra’s shopping centre, it seems the central supermarket proposal is making progress.
Noelene Cosson, President of the KBA, said she understood that progress was being made, albeit slowly, and she thanked the shire for its support in trying to make it happen, bearing in mind a new library and community hub would need to be built if it goes ahead on the Commercial and King street site.
Mrs Cosson said there was a pleasing level of activity in the town and she was hopeful of an announcement about the supermarket project soon.