During my term as a South Gippsland Shire councillor between 2002 and 2005, I was so proud to be part of an incredibly visionary, innovative and motivated community campaign, concerned with the sustainable development of South Gippsland’s power supply.
In the end our community decided they did not want the industrialisation of our beautiful and productive rural landscape, with hundreds of obtrusive, 120m wind towers.
Subsequently, many residents have chosen passive, unobtrusive, sustainable and cost effective solar power generation.
I have had the security and pleasure of standalone solar power generation since 2010. So during the recent blackouts, with so much opportunistic posturing about who is to blame for the inevitable rise in power costs, I have my lights on and my energy costs have reduced by thousands of dollars, as I become more self-reliant, sustainable and confident in the future.
Don’t be over-reliant on a privatised, shareholder driven power provider where profit drives their business.
Solar offers you choice, independence, cost control and security.
Keep your lights on for a sustainable future. Go solar!
Dick Lester, Mardan.