THE Wonthaggi Amateur Basketball Association is ecstatic after Bass Coast Shire councillors voted to support funding applications for a new high ball facility for Wonthaggi.
The decision will see a three-court stadium built as part of the proposed new senior campus for Wonthaggi Secondary College.
The WABA and the rest of the region now eagerly awaits an announcement of funding at the May budget.
WABA president Cath Garnham said the basketball community is positive and hoping for good news.
“Hopefully it’s all a go at the budget. I’m not sure what happens after that with time frames,” she said.
“Everyone was rapt. It’s 20 years of long and hard work and two years of phenomenally long and hard work, so everyone’s very happy.
“We’ve got small business owners as part of our association and they’re rapt, the kids are rapt and equally the community is ecstatic about the decision.
“We can see the bigger picture and the impact it’s going to have on the entire shire. The positiveness that’s come in the last month shows how much the community want it.”
Original plans for the new school featured a one-court stadium, but will now be changed to a three-court stadium for shared use between the WABA and the school.
Cath said the association and the school will work together.
“During day they can use three courts and out of school hours we can use three – that’s the idea so more people can use it,” she said.
“The school has been great. They’ve been open and transparent and once it’s approved, we’ll be having more communication and meetings for the design phase to make sure we’re both happy with it.”