About six months ago I made a presentation to the South Gippsland Shire Council.
Once again I was waving the flag for the environment and the future.
For too long the establishment at all three levels of government has sat on its hands enjoying their handsome salary and conditions of service while contributing very little to a more valuable and balanced future.
My demand was for the establishment of the committee which would include members of the public.
The objective was the protection and development of the Turtons Creek and surrounding area.
This valley is a valuable regional asset that provides a home for native flora and fauna and a people’s recreational facility. The latter is so badly needed in this exploited region.
The shire at last has accepted that this valley is important and has agreed to establish the committee; it has already undertaken preliminary investigations.
You, the people, must be involved.
If you believe that life is more than what the family has for tea then contact the shire and offer to contribute your ideas.
Left alone to plan the future the shire will produce a minimal result which will only benefit the exploiters.
This is important, contact Chantal Lenthall from the council’s planning department. She is eager to hear from you. Call me if you need information, 5664 8205.
Ron Brown, Turtons Creek.