INVERLOCH could not have turned on a better day today than it did for the production of Channel Nine’s Today Show.

The outside broadcast kicked off at 5.30am with Lisa Wilkinson and Richard Wilkins heading up the onscreen presentations in front of a huge crew from Channel 9.

And with 200 locals and caravan park holidaymakers on hand, the scene was alive with people and activities.

One of the locals to get the best coverage was Phillip Island palaeontologist Mike Cleeland, who works out of the Bunurong Environment Centre in Inverloch and is acclaimed for his university, school and holiday excursions to the site of one of Victoria’s earliest dinosaur discoveries, just up the coast between Inverloch and Cape Paterson.

Mike gave a great talk on the area’s prehistoric history, revealing to early morning Australia that he actually has a dinosaur named after him, for being the first to discover the ‘Koolasuchus cleelandi’.

That was a wow moment on a great morning for South Gippsland and Bass Coast.

The early risers at the event were treated to bacon and egg sandwiches and a cash grab in Dickie’s Dip which yielded a few hundred dollars for several locals and holiday makers.

And the lucky home viewer who won $150,000 in the ‘Block of Cash’ prize won’t forget Inverloch in a hurry.

It was all about highlighting the benefits of going camping at Easter. You can do it in style at a Big 4 Caravan Park like the award-winning one at Inverloch or you can commune with nature at the Prom of one of many great spots around Victoria.

What a morning it was at Inverloch and what great publicity for the town and the area.