I cannot be the only one who has had this experience and would like to hear from any others about their experience connecting to NBN.
All I wanted was to move my landline from one property to another.
I was not interested in broadband as I have portable wifi that works perfectly for me.
But, of course, I was told by Southern Phone that that could not happen until I moved to the NBN.
So, I go with the flow and sign up for a broadband/landline deal.
My modem package arrives, the NBN guy arrives and sets it up, one month later and I have no service from Southern.
Numerous phone one hour calls to Southern, mostly waiting time, on my mobile, and I still did not receive any support and each time I got a customer service staff, I was either put on to someone else for another one hour wait, or told some story which was each time different to what I was told previously.
Absolutely frustrated, I returned the package to Southern with a not so nice letter to them saying that I was not going to take them on a deal which was absolutely ridiculous and one that was never going to happen.
I did get an apology from the managing director saying that they did not have the staff to support the demand.
You would think they would have put that into place before biting off more than they can chew!
So I persist with my landline and go over to Telstra, in Wonthaggi, the staff are very helpful and organise things for my new NBN/landline connection.
I receive my modem and gadgets from Telstra and all seems to be running smoothly, until I get to the NBN appointment date and cancel my appointments to be available for the technician.
He never turns up and there is not even a call in consideration for my time spent waiting.
A call to the Telstra line tells me that the order did not go through and they will have to submit a new one.
So the whole process starts again and I am up to the stage of receiving yet another new modem in addition to the one I have already received.
No appointment date as yet but I can only be hopeful.
Telstra tells me that it is an NBN bad, but surely someone needs to take responsibility for delivering the broadband service efficiently.
Perhaps we jumped on the NBN wagon before we could learn to drive it!
Bring back the days when it was simple and efficient to have a landline moved from one address to another and whilst I am all for new technology, we need to bring on the efficiency too!
I certainly do not need broadband and I can give up a landline, but I cannot understand why the two could not be separated unless the telephone companies are getting an incentive to push people on to the NBN!
Another week and I will be giving the NBN and sadly my landline the flick!
Dilene Hinton, Inverloch.