WESTERNPORT Water is hosting a series of workshops in May, handing out a $50 voucher and a meal to each customer that attends.
It’s for the second phase of engaging with customers for the 2018-2023 Pricing Submission.
Water corporations are required to submit a proposal every five years to the Essential Services Commission, which ultimately determines the maximum price that can be charged for water and wastewater services.
“It is important to us that our submission to the Commission represents the views and concerns of our customers,” said Gareth Kennedy, Westernport Water’s general manager of customer and community.
“The response we’ve received from the community has been wonderful.
“Using the customer feedback we’ve received so far, we have prioritised six key areas for further discussion based on the needs and interests of our customers.”
The workshops will be held next month in Cowes and San Remo.
“During the workshops we will be presenting detailed information on key topics for consideration and comment.
“Topics include prices and charges, guaranteed service levels, major projects, drinking water quality, recycled water, and our response to climate change.”
Workshops are expected to take up to three hours and customers will receive a $50 bill credit or a $50 Visa Debit card, plus a free meal.
The workshop times and locations are:
• Wednesday, May 10: Phillip Island RSL, Cowes, 10am-1pm (child minding provided)
• Wednesday, May 10: Phillip Island RSL, Cowes, 6-9pm
• Wednesday, May 17, Silverwater Resort, San Remo 6-9pm
To register your interest for the workshops, go online to www.westernportwater.com.au/eoi or call 1300 720 711.